Committee Members

Chairman & Bosun - David M

Role: Chairman & Bosun

The Chairman keeps the Committee in order, and is a focal point for the group.  The Bosun is responsible for the maintenance of the boats and facilities that BSCSG use.

Secretary - Pat

Role: Secretary
The secretary helps with all the administration during a season and for the Committee Meetings.

Social Secretary - Heike

Role: Social Secretary
The Social Secretary organises all the social functions in a year, whether that is the Thursday evenings in the Clubhouse, or the dinner.

Senior Instructor - Berkshire Sail Training Staff

Role: Senior Instructor/s
The Senior Instructor (SI) is responsible for all the safety during an evening. The SI can also oversee training of either clients or helpers.


User Representative - Guy

Role: User Representative
A user representative helps guide the direction of the group to ensure the group is catering for the needs of all participants.